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One of the greatest things about having a smartphone is the many uses it brings to family photography on-the-go. Smartphone photography makes it so much easier to be unobtrusive as we shoot our families candidly. In some cases, you’re able to take photos on location in places you’d never bring your DSLR camera. Whether you’re simply taking day-to-day lifestyle shots, or getting

Here are a few ways you can take your mobile photography game up a notch.

  1. Apps – There are hundreds of apps out there to help you take awesome photos. When looking for the best apps to suit your smartphone photography needs, consider the following:
    • Types – If you’re looking for apps specifically for taking photos, use apps that allow you to use focus and exposure separately. Most native apps that come with your smartphone won’t give you this level of control, but you can take some very intriguing shots with the right levels of exposure and focus.
    • Small child plays with leaves for smartphone photographyEnhancing – Enhance your photos on the fly for social media using a variety of different enhancement apps. There are specific apps you can use solely for altering your photos, or you can use the in-app edits to change up the filters, and tones.
    • Organization – Keep your favorite apps in a prominent place, so you’re able to pull them up quickly. You never know when there’s a great photo opportunity in the making.
  2. Lenses – Depending on your level of experience, there are some really great accessories out there. You can up your game by adding on different lenses to your smartphone to get a better focal range, or vary your light distortion. Get more detail on your macro images and much more.
  3. Selfie Sticks – Smartphones have made getting in on the photo action so much easier. However, it can be hard to frame the shot properly. Why not try investing in a selfie stick to help you out? They’re small, handheld sticks that allow you to take a photo from your phone at a further distance.
  4. Kids outside for smartphone photographyProtective Cases – Even the most cautious of us can drop our phones from time to time. Unfortunately, pretty cases don’t always offer the protection we need for our smartphones. This is especially true when you’re taking photos in a variety of locations. Invest in a good case, preferably one that can get wet. Some cases are even build to pair with the smartphone lenses, we’ve already discussed.
  5. Mini Tripods & Stands – You never know when it will come in handy to have a stable camera/smartphone. There are a bunch of different mini tripods and various stands you could choose from to help you out. They come in handy for photography and can be great when you need to quickly entertain an upset baby or small child.
  6. Framing – Just because it’s easier to take photos, doesn’t mean you can’t take a great shot. It does, however, require a little foresight and focus on what’s in the frame. Before you get snap happy, take a few moments to notice the space around your subject(s). Remove any elements you don’t want in the frame, or move around to eliminate the things you don’t want to photograph. Shoot from different angles to get a different perspective and atmosphere.
  7. Family together at base of a tree for excellent holiday card photosLighting – Even on a smartphone, lighting is just as important as it was before. Take notice of your light as you frame up your images and subjects. Experiment with where the light comes from and the type of light you have to work with.
  8. Timing – Most apps, including native camera apps will have a countdown option. This is so you can set your phone up and walk away. Bust out your mini tripod or stand, and take an impromptu family photo. Best of all, you can be in it! You can also set up many timers to take a series of shots. This helps to be sure you get one where you’re all looking at the camera.
  9. Series – Speaking of a series of shots… Photos can tell a story, if you let them. In fact, when you string a series of photos taken together, you’ll have a much different vibe than if you simply video it. In some ways, it has a more authentic, fun atmosphere. A series also provides the opportunity to share only the specific moments that stand out to you.
  10. Panoramic – Most smartphones have a panoramic option, which provides great opportunities for scenic photos. If you’re traveling or visiting somewhere with terrific views, consider using this to remember more of the details.

Professional Washington DC Photographer Julie KubalAbout the Author:

Julie Kubal is a child and family portrait artist and photographer serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She is passionate about creating warm and meaningful artwork through modern portraits and lifestyle photography at a location of your choice!

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