Apparently 2015 is a year full of milestones for this Washington DC photographer because, for the second time in a row, a family has reached their TENTH portrait session and that feels like cause for celebration. Parents, Margot and Adam, brought me on board from the very beginning to document their family as it grew from a mom and pop show to a five-person parade. The Price family and I go back many years and this session was the picture-perfect way to reach the big 10 milestone.

I have been photographing this family since their first child, Vivienne, was only 8 days old, then August arrived as the new man of the house and we did his newborn portrait session, and when baby sister Eleanore came on the scene she had some new baby beauty shots taken as well. If you’re wondering how one family can make use of ten photo sessions, let me tell you that Margot put them to excellent use. For each of her three children, she purchased a First Year Package of photo sessions (3 portrait sessions across a span of 12 months). The eldest daughter, Vivienne, has 3 gallery wraps in her bedroom and Margot plans to do the same for her two younger children as well. Margot has said time and again that investing in my photography has been worth every penny to capture beautiful images of her rapidly changing brood.


Our latest shoot was the culmination of Eleanore’s first year package – the capstone session that took place right around her birthday. As April wound down the temperature wound down with it, and the day was a bit chilly for us to keep the kids outside for longer than a few moments. So, we got comfortable indoors and made use of the Price family’s home.

Though every shoot we do together includes numerous family portraits, we always try to draw the spotlight in on one child in particular and this time it was Eleanore’s turn. I first worked with her older siblings, leveraging all my savviest Washington DC photographer tricks to win their attention, and then it was time for a solo shoot of the baby sister. We explored different nooks and crannies of the home and wound up with some adorable images of this precocious little girl. Thinking back to her first newborn photoshoot stops me dead in my tracks because I realize just how much she has grown and just how much personality she has acquired in a few short months.

However, it wasn’t all rose-colored glasses and sunshine because as it turns out, little baby Eleanor is quite the speedy daredevil. Her happy disregard for spacial reasoning and gravity make her a hazard to herself and several times she attempted to propel herself off the bed. Thankfully, Margot has superhuman mommy reflexes and was able to keep Eleanor firmly planted on solid ground.


Having been blessed with so much time together over the past five years, Margot and I have become close friends and I am so thankful to count her as one of my business’s biggest fans and advocates. She said to me early on that I can’t move out of the area until her kids are out of high school so I can keep photographing them as they grow. For her, Adam, Vivienne, August, and Eleanore, I am more than happy to stay put and help Margot document their childhoods.

Julie Kubal family portraits Washington D.C.About the Photographer and Author:

Julie Kubal is a child and family portrait artist and photographer serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She is passionate about creating warm and meaningful artwork through modern portraits and lifestyle photography at a location of your choice!