Like most schools in the area, my son’s preschool holds an annual fundraising auction. What better way for me to help in the effort (and help my son in the process) than to donate a gift certificate for a photo session and lovely gallery wrap. In an amazing coincidence, the family who won the certificate (who are from Maryland and are parents to the lovely school-aged girl below) happen to be good friends with another of my fave clients (who live in Virginia and are parents to a one-year old) and bid on my session without realizing that I was the same photographer who had photographed their friends. It must have been fate!

Last Saturday evening at the appointed time, we had just enough of a break in the hot, steamy weather (if you can count a drop in humidity and a few degrees to the low-90s as a “break”) to proceed. I know Hannah was looking forward to her photo shoot. With tree climbing and bubble blowing, she was a trooper in spite of the heat and the late hour.