I first photographed Cecelia when she was only 6 months old. I was thrilled when her mom asked me to do a follow-up photo session, but sad to hear they were relocating to Boston. I hadn’t seen Cecelia since our first session, so it was really fun to see her all grown up, and with hair no less! With their impending move right around the corner, we only had a few potential dates to work with before their departure. And even though we were in the midst of a hot spell, since their house was all boxed up, we braved the weather to do an outdoor session at Meridian Hill Park. Meridian Hill is a park I know well where I often go with my own son, so I was really excited to take photos there after many months of becoming familiar with all its interesting spots. Thankfully there was plenty of shade to keep us from baking in the hot sun, but it was still pretty brutal out there. To Cecelia and her parents: good luck in Boston and hope you all make it back to DC soon!