The other day I met with Michelle to present the images from her son Cashion’s session. When I arrived, Michelle was just putting the little guy to bed, so in the meantime I hung out and flipped through one of Michelle’s magazines, House Beautiful. I love checking out these types of magazines, which are full of inspiration, but also make me feel a little inadequate on the decorating front. When she rejoined me, I mentioned the fact that the only time in my life when I managed to do a really good job decorating a room was in the months before my son Sasha was born and was afflicted 🙂 with a serious case of nesting. All my creative energy was channeled into finding the perfect paint colors, the perfect bedding (see photo below), and the perfect wall hangings, resulting in a single decorating victory. Through some e-mail correspondences with Michelle the following day, I noticed for the first time at the bottom of her signature block a link to her blog, Twig and Scraps: Ideas for Nesting, (great name) all about said affliction! In all the excitement about Cashion’s photos the night before, Michelle forgot to mention the blog to me! Check it out people, I mean nesting mothers-to-be.