Spring is a great time to teach your kids about all the fun, incredible things that grow! WhetherJulie_Kubal_110415_blog_01 very young, or an old pro at the seasons, it’s undeniable that growing things are neat! Life is an amazing thing and change happens both slowly and super fast. It can be hard to catch at times, especially for little, often impatient, eyes.

The great news is, there are tons of fun ways you could help your kiddos learn more about the way things grow.
Since we’re talking Spring, let’s keep with the theme! Here are some fun ways to engage your kids in the season and help them learn about how all things grow:

  • Tulips. Get some bulbs from your local landscape nursery and have them help you plant the bulbs. Teach them about the proper way the bulbs need to be buried; and how much water and sunlight the bulbs will need. Once the buds appear, take measurements every day to show your kids just how incremental the growth is.
  • Caterpillars. This might be a good one for your slightly older kids because they’ll really Washington-DC-family-photographer_03understand the metamorphosis taking place. But little kids like the concept, too! Find a fun bug sanctuary (a little plastic boxwith a vented lid), then go hunting for caterpillars! Once you’ve found one, explain all the things a caterpillar needs to get bigger: grass, leaves, water, air… then wait for the magic to happen!
  • Grass. Now’s the perfect time to point out the growth happening to the earth. Have your kids look around and take stock of the grass. How long is it? How green does everything look? Help your kids see the changes
    by taking a daily photo of the same bit of yard at the same time of day for a month. Then point out just how much the world around them has come alive!
  • Leaf buds. Calling all lilacs! There’s something in a lilac bush that screams spring… from their tiny little buds to the way the flowers develop. Point out the changes in the buds from any tree in your yard, on the way to school, or in grandma’s garden. Ask your kids how long they think it’ll take for the trees to be in full bloom. As with the grass, you could take photos of the buds as they emerge;Washington-DC-family-photographer_09 watching their changes from day to day.
  • Kiddos. Do you do a growth chart? Perhaps now’s the time to start! When I was a child, people mostly took measurements on an interior wall. My, how far we’ve come! Kids grow so incredibly fast, and before you know it, they’re teenagers! Capture all the growth spurts in a chart you hang on the wall. There are tons to choose from and I guarantee you’ll find one to match your décor—all while keeping track of the vertical momentum of those little legs.

Do you have some other fun and unique ways to help kids learn about the way things grow? Leave some of your tips and thoughts in the comments below. If you find these suggestions helpful, leave me a comment, too. I love hearing from you!


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Julie Kubal is a child and family portrait artist and photographer serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She is passionate about creating warm and meaningful artwork through modern portraits and lifestyle photography at a location of your choice!