Thanks to nice spring weather and a lovely outdoor setting just beyond their front door, I was able to do outside photographs of Zoë and her parents, and then retreat inside for some more variety when the heat of the day kicked in. I particularly love the look and texture of a brick walkway as a backdrop for photographs. Zoë, who is a super confident walker, also took great pleasure in the walkway, running up and down its length, barely pausing long enough for me to focus the lens.  I must admit that her speed posed quite a challenge for me and I had to enlist the help of hand-holding parents to slow her down a bit.




I’m trying to do a better job with posting images from each session in a more timely manner. It’s only been a couple weeks since I made that pledge to myself and the readers of this blog, and so far, so good. If all goes as planned I should have another post in a couple of days, so please stay tuned!

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