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Monday, May 23, 2011 by Julie | Permalink

Ada and I first crossed paths when she participated in my Snap Happy Workshop several months back, so when her husband Terry’s birthday rolled around she came to me with a creative way to mark the occasion with a family portrait session in nearby Rock Creek Park.

But in order for the family portrait to earn a place on the mantel, everyone needed to look their best.  Choosing the perfect outfit for a portrait session can be a challenge for anyone, but I find that moms in particular bear the brunt of the pressure. After all, not only does she have to find a flattering ensemble for herself, but she also has to dress and press the rest of the family.  If Ada was feeling the pressure however, she did an excellent job of keeping her cool. Prior to the shoot she consulted with me about clothing choices by sending me some quick snapshots taken on her cell phone.  Two points for cleverness?  I’d say so.

Ada’s preparation proved to be well worth the effort.  She chose a cohesive color palette that encompassed everyone: from the plaid pattern in Avi’s shorts, to Maya’s sunhat, to the necklace & earring set mom wore so well.  Not to mention that the vibrant colors that Ada selected played beautifully against the lush green backdrop of the scenic Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park.

Mid springtime in Washington D.C. is an idyllic time to shoot a family portrait outdoors as nature does most of the work of providing the perfect backdrop.  Generally in these few final hours before sunset, the sky glows with a kind of peach colored light that adds a special warmth to every shot.  Yet, no matter how much we willed it to be otherwise, the weather had other plans for us.

Slowly but surely gray clouds cloaked the sky and the rumbling tones of thunderstorms loomed in the distance.  It can be a risky business partnering with Mother Nature on a photo shoot, but she kept herself in check long enough for us to capture some beautiful images of Avi and Maya with mom and dad.

Finding the perfect gift for a husband and father can be a very difficult.  After having spent an afternoon in the park with this beautiful family, I would say that Ada (and the kids) hit a home run and gave dad the perfect birthday present – the making of a memory.

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

Family Portait and Birthday Surprise

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This tiny person just turned one yesterday! I cannot wait to see her in a couple of weeks to help mark the occasion with some photos. I wonder how much she’s grown since I last saw her in back in February. Happy birthday sweet girl!

Washington DC newborn photographerBaltimore baby photography by Julie Kubal

Sumona and I first met when she signed up for my Snap Happy Class several months ago.  During the one-day workshop together, we reviewed some practical techniques that she could apply to her everyday photography.  Since then she’s been working to spruce up the snapshots that she captures of her growing family.  Even though she’s finding her stride behind the camera, there still comes a time when it’s best to nestle up against your family on the front stoop and let someone else worry about the lighting, angles, and composition.  So when Sumona told me she wanted to capture some new family portraits with everyone together, I was more than happy to spend an afternoon at her Georgetown home.

Sumona and her husband Christopher were naturals, scooping their girls up into warm embraces and holding still just long enough for me to click and capture a piece of their world.  That is the beauty of shooting family portraits right at home.  The poses arise organically and the smiles portray nothing but love and warmth.

Not to mention that we couldn’t have been graced with a more perfect day.  It was one of those luscious spring evenings when the sun itself seems to collaborate in the shoot by dousing us in gorgeous golden light.  And while those precious short hours are a photographer’s dream, they also present a challenge when it comes to working with young children whose bedtime is fast approaching.

After a little song and dance behind the camera, everyone stayed cued in to the end of the shoot. Little Usha, age 1, was content to jingle and jangle away at a keychain – save for a few tired gazes, and big sister Uma, age 5, stayed engaged long enough for me to capture her deep brown eyes and tender smile.

As I sat down to edit this collection, flipping through every image impressed upon me just how wonderfully natural this family is in each other’s arms.   The strong bond between them is just as evident in the pixels as it was in the moment.

It was a pleasure to share these few golden hours with Sumona, Christopher, and to take part in a personal moment during our family portrait session together.

Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in GeorgetownFamily Portraits in Georgetown


Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in Georgetown

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Thinking of June today on her fourth birthday and remembering this joyful photo of her playing on her backyard swing.  Happy birthday June!

child photography in Chevy Chase, MD by Julie Kubal

Sophia Turns Four!

Another one of my favorite little girls who I’ve photographed over the years is having a birthday today. Wishing Sophia a very happy birthday!

Below is fun progression of images showing how she’s growing up from just before her first birthday, then at age two, and then at age three. What I love about these pictures is the glint of excitement and mischief you can see in her eyes, even from when she was a baby. Can’t wait to see her again this year!


photo of baby girl in  Alexandriacustom_family_photosAlexandria family photographer

photo of family in Old Town, Alexandria


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Vivienne – A Retrospective in Photos from Birth to Age Four

Almost four years ago, I first photographed Vivienne when she was just a week old. I’ve been back seven(!) more times since then and have watched her grow from a sleepy newborn into a beautiful, vivacious little girl. I love looking back at all of the images from our photo sessions together and seeing the transformation. And I’m looking forward to capturing great memories for her and her family for many years to come. Happy birthday to Vivienne!

Washington DC newborn photographerPr_01Vivienne3_00 Julie_Kubal_Vivienne_03 custom family photos by Julie Kubal Falls Church child photographer Washington DC child photographer

Falls Church photo of girl by Julie Kubal

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The youngest Yankee fan of all time, Conor is now two! This is one of my favorite newborn photos of all time. Happy birthday Conor!


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He was just over two months old in these photos. Now this little guy is 4 years old and a big brother to two younger siblings! I remember that he promptly fell asleep just after I arrived to do the session and I ended up capturing some very peaceful images of his parents holding him lovingly as he slumbered. When he awoke, we were rewarded with adorable smiles, intense eyes, and a glimpse of his budding personality. Happy birthday Leif!

Washington DC and Northern Virginia baby photographer

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I first met this little guy and his mama almost 6 years ago at the Breastfeeding Center when we were both new moms. The family ended up being one of my very first clients when I was just starting my child photography business after transitioning from photojournalism. I was so thrilled mom and dad entrusted me to photograph their new baby boy. It seems like just yesterday!

Happy 6th birthday Liam!

Washington DC and Silver Spring baby photographer

Washington DC and Silver Spring baby photographer

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I’m pleased to announce I’ll be teaching another Snap Happy: Photo 101 class on June 29th, 2014, this time in partnership with Gymboree Play & Music in Woodley Park and UrbanSitter. Complimentary childcare and entertainment will be provided for parents who attend my class! I’m so excited to be collaborating with Gymboree and Urban Sitter to make this event accessible to more parents. It’ll be a great way for both parents and kids to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Want to take better pictures of your own family?

Most parents I encounter take LOTS of photos of their kids. It’s easy to get excited about photography when your kids are growing before your eyes and you want to preserve every heartwarming moment. You may hire me, the professional photographer, for an annual family photo session or to mark a significant milestone like the birth of a child. But when I’m not around, the snapshots you take are an important part of capturing all the everyday moments.  Over the years, many of you have shared your frustrations about your own photos and have asked me for tips to improve your skills, so I’ve decided to put all this advice together into a fun, 90-minute workshop to cover all the basics.

Is this Photo 101 Class for you?Photo Class by Julie Kubal Photography

Do you want to take better pictures of your own family? Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to capturing “the” moment? Then this Snap Happy: Photography 101 is just the class for you! I will share with you some simple strategies to get you happy with your snapshots (hint: understanding lighting is KEY!), and we will even have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in the class. We will touch on the following topics:

* organizing and preserving your memories

* discovering the Five Steps to getting Snap Happy

* learning to find and utilize natural lighting

* composing an amazing shot

All you will need is a camera (a DSLR is NOT required) and desire to create beautiful family memories!

The class is designed to help amateur photographers get better snapshots shots to tell their life’s story. You will walk away knowing how to like what you see on the back of the camera a whole lot more


TIME: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

DATE: Sunday, June 29th, 2014

PLACE: Gymboree Play & Music, 2639 Connecticut Ave. NW, #113 (lower level), Washington, DC 20008

Complimentary childcare and entertainment generously provided by Urban Sitter and Gymboree for ages 0 and up!

Register online here. SPACE IS LIMITED!








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