All photography by Julie Kubal is protected by Federal Copyright Law. It is illegal to reproduce or alter these photographs in any manner without written the permission of Julie Kubal Photography.Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal copies, scanning, enhancement, manipulation, printing from home, downloading from the internet, screen captured, or photographed (from computer screen or from photographic prints). Even though the pictures may be of you or your child, the photographer still owns the copyright to the image. To maintain artistic integrity of her work and to preserve her reputation as a photographer, Julie Kubal Photography reserves the right to control the final look, print quality, finish, and presentation of the images. Any reproduction by another party may lower the quality of the image. The Client agrees to return to Julie Kubal Photography for any copying, scanning, reproduction, enhancement, or manipulation unless the Client has been granted and issued a written license by Julie Kubal Photography to use digital images. Sharing the images on social media including Facebook or on a personal website is prohibited until you have the written permission from Julie Kubal Photography. Removal of the watermark from these images is prohibited. Refer to the written license issued by Julie Kubal Photography for specific usage rights for Personal Use and/or Commercial Use. Please contact Julie Kubal Photography if you have any questions.