At last, I have come to the end of my back to school mini-sessions and the “C-D” family helped me to start the fall season on a very high note. The photo shoot featured parents Stevan and Nadira, their son Nigel, 6, Stevan’s former spouse, Jametta, and their daughter Alexis, 8.

This blended family came together, in perfect color-coordinated harmony. The adults wanted to make sure that the children could have some beautiful photos and keepsakes of all three of their parents so we all got together on a lovely afternoon to enjoy a family photo session outdoors. 

Nadira and I have been friends for a few years now, ever since our sons both entered pre-K at the same Washington, DC public charter school. That year I had the pleasure of photographing the family and crafting some unique photographic pieces for Nadira’s home and office. Today the fruits of that labor are gracing the wall in the family’s dining room. I was more than happy to photograph them again to add a few new photos to mix.

We conducted the family portrait shoot at my Washington DC home and I was half expecting my son to sneak out of the house at any moment and beg for a play date with his pal, Nigel. Thankfully, Nigel and his sister were champs and managed to stay engaged throughout our whole time together…and my son didn’t sneak out of the house until the very end of the shoot.

These family photos will be added to the “C-D” family photo collection already displayed at their family home. As young Nigel and Alexis enjoy many more back-to-school years and eventually venture off to college, I know they’ll love looking back and enjoy reminiscing over these photos. I hope to photograph them all next year and continue this wonderful tradition!

photograph of family by Julie Kubal photo of boy in front of white picket fence

photo of mother and son by Julie Kubal

photo of girl in front of white picket fence photograph of family by Julie Kubal