Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the newborn photo session last?

Every baby is unique so the length of each session varies greatly. But one thing is certain: a newborn session cannot be rushed. Please take whatever time is necessary to soothe, comfort, and care for your baby throughout the session. The whole experience will be more enjoyable and will result in better images if the baby is relaxed and content. Your baby may need to feed or may need a diaper change or perhaps a snuggle. Some babies sleep through the entire session. A session can take two hours or up to four hours. Please do not schedule anything else on the day of the session so there is no pressure to finish by a certain time.

How can I prepare my baby for the newborn session?

Although newborns generally aren’t on schedules yet, please try to feed the baby right before my arrival. A sleepy and content baby is less likely to be disturbed when moved or changed during set up. However, do not be concerned if the baby is awake throughout the session. As long as the baby is calm, I will continue photographing and we will still get amazing images. I have experience working with a lot of newborns and tend to just go with the flow whether they are asleep or awake.

If the baby takes a bottle and/or pacifier, please have those ready. A pacifier can be a tremendous help in the newborn session.

How can I prepare myself for the newborn session?

Keep your hair and make-up simple. I often take close-up photos of parents’ hands holding the baby so please try to make sure your nails look neat.

I’ll help soothe your baby as necessary. Babies are very sensitive to the scent of mom which can often make them more anxious to feed again. It may be necessary to ask you to step away from the immediate shooting area when you are not being photographed. You can even use this time to take a much needed break!

It isn’t unusual for baby to feed at some point during the session so please don’t feel that it’s an inconvenience. Taking the time to keep baby happy and calm will result in a smoother session.

What should we wear?

Most of my newborn images are done with baby wrapped in a simple swaddle, with a blanket draped over the baby, or with the baby in just a diaper with or without a diaper cover. Dress your baby in something easy to take off without disturbance. Whatever the baby is wearing beforehand should be on loosely to avoid unsightly red marks. If you have an heirloom piece, some special hats and/or blankets we can try to work those into the photos as well. Any other participants who are being photographed should keep their clothing simple and comfortable in colors that won’t distract from the baby. 

How can I prepare my home for the newborn session?

The baby is used to being in a 98 degree womb. Setting the temperature in your home a little warmer than usual can help keep the baby comfortable and happy. Please adjust your thermostat 30-45 minutes before my arrival.

If you have a white noise machine please have it on hand. If not, I have a white noise phone app we can use.

Wipes and towels are helpful for whatever messes we might encounter.

Please don’t be concerned if the house is untidy. I’m a mom myself and I know how tough it is to even take a shower in the early days. Even in your home is turned upside down, I will help clear any clutter the might appear in the photos. I don’t care what’s behind me while I’m shooting (believe me when I say I’ve seen it all after photographing hundreds of families). All we need to do straighten what will be in front of the camera. We can even just grab a laundry basket to fill with all the “stuff” that’s accumulated on night stands or laying around on the ground.

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