Looking for creative ways to display photos on the walls throughout your home? Here are some of the ideas I recommend to my own clients to get the most out of their family photos.

Construct Gallery Wall of Photos

Gallery walls are focal points that generally feature several images and cover a large space. Ideal places within your home for a photo gallery display are those with an expanse of available wall space. For instance, adjacent to a staircase, over a sofa, or along a hallway. Consider spaces where viewers can stand back to marvel at the overall effect, but also get close to admire the details. 

Before I design a gallery wall for my clients, I ask them which overall style is more appealing. Do they prefer a more eclectic look? Then I might mix and match a variety of picture frames to create more of a collage or mosaic. If they like clean lines with a uniform look then I recommend a grid arrangement with frames in the same size and color.

A creative way to display family photos is to build a photo wall gallery like this one. It was designed for client's home featuring images by Julie Kubal Photography from 4 years of family photo sessions.
a grid of matching frames is a creative way to display family photos, as shown in this home, designed for clients in Chevy Chase by Julie Kubal.
A mix of frame colors and sizes arranged on a fireplace mantle make an effective and creative display of family photos.

Go for Modern with Gallery Wraps—Another Creative Way to Display Photos

Another creative way to display photos—without frames—is with gallery wraps, also known as gallery wrapped canvas prints. Images are printed with archival quality ink on art canvas that is stretched around a wooden frame. Gallery wraps are entirely borderless and therefore, have a more modern, minimalist look. Canvasses can either be framed or alternatively, hung as-is showing off part of the image on the wrapped edge. In summary, gallery wraps offer a durable, long-lasting alternative to a standard photographic print.

Wall collage of framed gallery wraps is another creative way to display photos in your home. Float frames gives a more sophisticated finish to the look of a gallery wrap.
This photo wall gallery is creative way to display photos without frame. It includes 4 gallery wraps with images of 2 young sisters arranged in a 2x2 grid. Images and gallery wall design by Chevy Chase family photographer Julie Kubal.

Pass Around an Image Box or an Album

With an image box, your prints are mounted on mat board and stored in a beautiful custom container that keeps all the images safe and sound. Show off an image box with special photos for a personalized centerpiece and instant conversation starter. Display mounted prints on a small easel—perfect for a rotating display in small places like bookshelves or mantles. Pass the prints around to your heart’s content and then store the photos safely on the coffee table or bookshelf. These boxes offer a unique way to display your images and a stylish method of preserving them.

Then, of course, there are photo albums. Similar to an image box in that prints are mounted, the well-designed book offers a thoughtful layout that tells a more intentional story through the sequencing of the images. Plus, it keeps the photos together and organized.

double page spread detail of single image in signature heirloom album
double page spread of single image in signature heirloom album
double page spread design with multiple images in signature heirloom album

In conclusion, don’t keep your favorite family moments in the dark. Make the most out of your family photos by displaying them up on the wall! As professional photographer, I design creative displays of family photography for all of my clients using the best images from their photo sessions. I can attest from my own experience and those of my clients that you will love having your family photos up on the wall where you can enjoy seeing them every day.

example of wall gallery of family photos below stairs

Julie Kubal family portraits Washington D.C.About the Photographer and Author:

Julie Kubal is a child and family portrait artist and photographer serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She is passionate about creating warm and meaningful artwork through modern portraits and lifestyle photography at a location of your choice!