We have some birthday wishes to doll out today! Not only is this a session summary, it’s also a special birthday post! Today Quinn and Ada turn 7! So before we even get started, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls! Hope you have a tremendous day!

Twin girls laugh while sitting on a log in the woods for family photos and birthday wishes

How We Met

Both girls go to my son’s school, so I’ve seen them and their parents from time to time. Their father, Tom, had contacted me a while back, inquiring about doing a session. Originally, he and his wife Jordan were looking for a session to accomplish their annual photos for Christmas cards. But ultimately, they wanted to find a photographer who they’re all comfortable with so they could continue to document their family through the years.

Family of four hangs out at a fence for family photos and birthday wishes

Busy lives and schedules got in the way for a bit, but we were in touch on and off throughout the year. We finally made a point to get a session planned on the calendar this past fall.

Mom and daughter share a special moment for family photos and birthday wishes

The Session

I met the Fitzgerald-Frankiewicz family at Rock Creek Park. It was the day immediately after another family session in the same location, so it was nice going back to the same spot with a second family. I was able to take my experiences from the previous day to inform where and how to approach this session. The family wanted to have nice photos taken of the four of them, plus a few of just the kids, as well as a few of just the parents. Over all, they were going for natural photos (nothing too staged) that really captured the kids’ spirit.

Father and daughter cuddle in a field for family photos and birthday wishes

The day turned out to be another beautiful fall day, though far less windy than the previous day. The whole session was fun, from start to finish. You can see in the photos how much joy and exuberance the twins bring into the mix. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious, I have to admit. The family interacted so nicely together that photographing them really was a breeze. I was able to snap so many nice moments between them all. I love the big squeeze and kiss on the cheek Ada gives her dad, as an example. It’s so indicative of her personality and the joy she brought to her dad in that moment.

Father and daughter stand next to each other at fence for family photos and birthday wishes

The Selection

In addition to the holiday cards the family wanted, Jordan and Tom chose an album, and three large gallery wraps to showcase their gorgeous images. We’re already planning to do another session next year and I can’t wait to see how much everyone has changed and grown.  

Little girl stands near a field of tall dried grass for family photos and birthday wishes

Twin girls lying side by side on the grass for family photos and birthday wishes

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