Sumona and I first met when she signed up for my Snap Happy Class several months ago.  During the one-day workshop together, we reviewed some practical techniques that she could apply to her everyday photography.  Since then she’s been working to spruce up the snapshots that she captures of her growing family.  Even though she’s finding her stride behind the camera, there still comes a time when it’s best to nestle up against your family on the front stoop and let someone else worry about the lighting, angles, and composition.  So when Sumona told me she wanted to capture some new family portraits with everyone together, I was more than happy to spend an afternoon at her Georgetown home.

Sumona and her husband Christopher were naturals, scooping their girls up into warm embraces and holding still just long enough for me to click and capture a piece of their world.  That is the beauty of shooting family portraits right at home.  The poses arise organically and the smiles portray nothing but love and warmth.

Not to mention that we couldn’t have been graced with a more perfect day.  It was one of those luscious spring evenings when the sun itself seems to collaborate in the shoot by dousing us in gorgeous golden light.  And while those precious short hours are a photographer’s dream, they also present a challenge when it comes to working with young children whose bedtime is fast approaching.

After a little song and dance behind the camera, everyone stayed cued in to the end of the shoot. Little Usha, age 1, was content to jingle and jangle away at a keychain – save for a few tired gazes, and big sister Uma, age 5, stayed engaged long enough for me to capture her deep brown eyes and tender smile.

As I sat down to edit this collection, flipping through every image impressed upon me just how wonderfully natural this family is in each other’s arms.   The strong bond between them is just as evident in the pixels as it was in the moment.

It was a pleasure to share these few golden hours with Sumona, Christopher, and to take part in a personal moment during our family portrait session together.

Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in GeorgetownFamily Portraits in Georgetown


Family Portraits in Georgetown

Family Portraits in Georgetown

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