It’s not every day I get to experience taking photos of a family while we represent their family heritage in the images. For the Carnithan-Choi family’s debut session, we honored their Korean heritage by allowing it to take center stage as their backdrop. Read on to find out how.

Family of four sit together for Korean Heritage Honored

How We Met

Jennifer and Michael’s two daughters, Stella and Maggie both attend school with my son, Sasha. This year, they were the winning bidders on the photo session package I donated for the school auction. The couple had professional photos taken when the girls were both younger. However, it had been a while ago—which is why they bid on the package.

Mother and daughter hug for Korean Heritage Honored

The Session

We met at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, with the intent of setting the scene within the traditional Korean Bell Garden. Developed in 2007, it’s the first Korean Bell Garden in a public garden within the US. That’s a pretty significant feat, I’d say. 

Sisters sit together on sidewalk for Korean Heritage Honored

The day of the session was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. The weather was perfect and the garden was filled with visitors (and even other photographers!) all taking advantage of the last few temperate days of fall. It certainly made for a lovely afternoon, wandering around the grounds and gave us the chance to explore several different backgrounds to capture in the images.

Little girl holding onto a tree for Korean heritage honored family photos

For those of you who haven’t been there, the Korean Bell Garden is an open space without much shade. Luckily, we were able to find a nice spot in a nearby meadow from which you could see the bell in the distance. It made a terrific part of the landscape in the background, with the girls in the foreground. I love how we incorporated it into the picture without being in the harsh direct light. Don’t you?

The Selection

The family chose the beautiful image of the girls embracing, which truly signifies the special bond they share together. It will be showcased in a large gallery wrap that’s going to be a statement piece in their family room.

 Sisters hug for Korean Heritage Honored

I’m so pleased they’ll have a lasting record of the unique relationships they’ve built with each other at this moment in their lives, as well as embracing their Korean descent in the images.

Little girl stands by flower bush for Korean Heritage Honored
Father and daughter hug for Korean Heritage Honored

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