Halloween pictures are special. They don’t just capture your kids celebrating a favorite day of the year. They’re also a great way to utilize family photography as a way to preserve memories and illustrate your little one’s growth over time. Some of my favorite opportunities for Halloween pictures come from unexpected moments of this favorite holiday. These shots add a unique twist to your standby photos.

Read on for my list of the must have Halloween pictures.

The preparation.

Half the fun of Halloween is the process of picking out a costume, or decorating the house. If you buy your costumes from a store, order them online, or create them yourself, make sure to document how this process looks in your household. Get shots of your little one trying on wigs at the store, ripping into the package for the first time, or watching the sewing machine in awe can all capture the excitement building. As you’re getting the house ready, capture them opening the bins of decorations, or as they place them about the house.

Little boy dressed like Spiderman for Halloween Pictures

Getting ready.

Whether you’re planning a dress rehearsal or prepping on the big night, the process of getting made up is one you can’t miss. Consider taking before and after shots (against a simple backdrop for a clean comparison), or progress photos. Catch them applying hair gel, buckling shoes, or twisting into a set of wings can be winning candid moments.

Little boy dressed like Spiderman for Halloween Pictures

The perfect backdrop.

A unique environment is the easiest way to take your Halloween pictures to the next level. Think of an appropriate settling for your kid’s character to shine. It can be as simple as your Little Red Riding Hood among some trees, your surfer dude on the beach. Or even a cowboy next to a barrel of hay. Immersing your kid in his or her character’s surroundings will not only be the highlight of Halloween, but bring a different dynamic to your photos.

Little boy dressed like Spiderman for Halloween Pictures

Action shots.

Get your kiddo into character by requesting an impression of whatever they’re dressed up as. Ask your ballerina to twirl, your Harry Potter to cast a spell, or your soccer player to score a goal.

Little boy dressed like Spiderman for Halloween Pictures

Don’t forget the details.

Focus on drawing attention to your kid’s favorite piece of his or her costume. Get up close for a shot of your zombie’s intricate makeup or your Mermaid’s sparkly fins.

Little boy dressed like Spiderman for Halloween Pictures

The retreat.

Instead of only capturing your kids backs as they race up your neighbor’s porch, wait until they have received their treats and are on their way back down. This way, you can grab their elated “I just got candy” expression as they bounce back towards you.

What are your favorite Halloween picture moments? Tell me in the comments section below!


Julie Kubal family portraits Washington D.C.About the Photographer and Author:

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