It’s already been a few weeks since the peak of DC’s cherry blossoms and I’m just now getting around to posting images from the session that I photographed then. William’s mom Christina called me with a special request to schedule an outdoor session amidst the famous cherry blossoms that surround the Tidal Basin. For anyone not familiar, one of the highlights of the spring season in DC is the short period when the many thousand cherry trees, given to the US as a gift from Japan, are in full bloom. The trees are absolutely beautiful, but the downside is that the area is swamped with people all trying to enjoy the view, which can make it a bit challenging to take family photos without a bunch of strangers in the background.


After about 30 minutes William needed a little nap, at which point we decided to leave the crowds behind and head home for the rest of the session.



As a longtime DC resident, I usually avoid the city’s bustling tourist sites, so it had been years since I’d ventured out to see the cherry blossoms. Back when I had a desk job, I would’ve had to go on a weekend when even more people flock to the area. It was really great having the opportunity to go early on a weekday morning before the throngs of people got too dense. That’s why I love my job!