Having the opportunity to revisit a family is one of the greatest gifts. This is especially true when I get to capture birthday photos. The last time I saw the Fargis family, little MaryGrace was just a couple of months old. I can hardly believe it, but this latest photo session was in honor of celebrating her first birthday.

Mom and two children sit on the grass for birthday photos

Eileen and I had this session planned out since our last visit, seeing that we’d had such a good experience together. Just like last time, we met at their home so both kids were comfortable.

Brother and sister sit on stone patio together for birthday photos

It was so cool to see the kids again this year and witnessing how much they’ve both grown. Andrew is as adorable as ever with those mesmerizing blue eyes. This time, he’s got just a hint of curl in his hair, too. So cute! Now that MaryGrace is older, it was a fun chance to capture her in a new, interactive stage just before she starts walking. I have to admit; she also has some of the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen! They go along with her own engaging gaze, for sure! We also managed to capture some photos of the kids with their au pair before she returns to Colombia. Though the photo isn’t included here, the family felt it was important to include her so they can look back and remember her during this time in their lives.

Little girl with red ball on stone patio for birthday photos

Of these birthday photos, Eileen chose to go with some framed prints to add to the gallery of photos she has displayed going up the stairs. We’re going to work together to plan a new layout to incorporate the new photos with the existing ones. Eileen also planned a framed piece with her three favorite photos to be placed in her office. Not to mention, we’ve worked together on selecting images and finalizing her holiday cards. It will definitely be a bonus to have the holiday cards ready way ahead of the game. She won’t have to think about this at all as the season approaches. And that’s always a big win when you have two small kids vying for attention. 😉
Little boy peeks out from railing for birthday photos

Mom and daughter sit together for birthday photos

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