not your usual school portraits

What are Un-School Photos?

“Un-School Photos” by Julie Kubal are designed to capture engaging images of your child that let their natural spirit shines through. Through this unique offering, children are professionally photographed during the their time at daycare or school in a more unique and natural style than traditional school portraits. 

How It Works


Photographer Julie Kubal will come to your child’s school or daycare during the school day to photograph each child at play or lightly posed in their school’s everyday setting with minimal disruption. This will most likely be an outdoor playspace, but could be inside a classroom if weather is a problem. 

Whether the photos are taken inside or outside, the lighting will look natural, either in daylight or with supplemental artificial lighting that will have the same natural look. 

Unlike traditional school portraits, all children will be photographed in a candid, natural way. Please don’t worry about their attire! Your kids will look fabulous as they normally dress.


Julie will coordinate a range of dates with the school during which she will come to the school to take pictures. Depending on the weather forecast during that date range, Julie will pick the most ideal day(s) to come to the school. Because of the number of children that are going to be photographed and the necessity for ideal light and weather conditions, the exact date and time each child will be photographed won’t be set in advance. If the weather doesn’t cooperate during the planned timeframe, Julie will try to make arrangements with the school to photograph inside.


To register your child for Un-School Photos, select from one the collections below. Then complete the portrait agreement and submit payment.


After all registered children have been photographed, the images will be posted in a password-protected online gallery for all participating parents to view and from which to submit your order. Families will each receive a discount code that will cover the full cost of the package they selected at the time of registration. Parents and anyone else with whom they share their login are welcome to purchase additional print copies or sizes, with or without matting and framing, as well as other keepsake and gift items.

Orders will be delivered to the school to be distributed.

Un-School Frequently Asked Questions

When will you photograph the kids?

I will schedule a one to two-week block during which I will come to the school to take photos. I’ll take a look at the weather and choose the days and either AM or PM playground times when the forecast is most promising and when I can make sure to be there for any of the part-time students. If for some reason I miss any one kid on a particular day, I will come back to photograph them another time when I can confirm they are present.

Where will you photograph the kids?

I will be taking the photos in the playground during the times when the kids have their usual outdoor play time.​ Kids do get dirty during outdoor play, but mud, dirt, sand, worms, and puddles are elements that will make for much more authentic and interesting photos. Your kids will look great enjoying outdoor play and just being themselves.

My child is shy. How will you be able to take good photos of all the kids in such a short amount of time?

I always engage with each child a little bit before snapping away. I do some light directing disguised as goofy behavior—I will never tell them to say “cheese,” but meet them where they are.

I am very mindful about interfering with staff who are keeping a close watch on all the children, but if there are any spare hands around, I may enlist them to engage in some silliness, especially to help with shy kids. I may even ask another watchful, curious child for a little assist. Don’t worry though—I have a ton of experience working with all kinds of kids and this process all happens very organically.

Why should I buy prints from you? Isn't it a better value to just pay for the digital file and get cheaper prints somewhere else?

You are totally welcome to just purchase the digital file and get your own prints made.

While it is less expensive than purchasing Collection A, I only recommend this option for those who are comfortable working with (not just viewing) digital images.

Purchasing the digital file alone is a good option if you know where to have high-quality prints made or have other specific plans for how you will use the digital image AND you are confident you will carry out your plan. 

Past clients who bought digital files have shared that they initially felt they were getting a good deal, but in reality they had no idea what to do with the file. Some just had poor-quality prints made (you know the kind—cheap paper, inaccurate color that yellows or fades over time). More often, they ended up doing nothing at all with the file and it just sat on their computer harddrive indefinitely. 

At the end of this process, my hope is that each family ends up with a beautiful, high-quality, archival print—one they will be thrilled to display in a frame in their home and that still looks good decades from now when they pass it on to their kids.

Lastly, don’t forget this is a school fundraiser! The larger the package, the higher the donation back to the school. Why not also get some beautiful prints and help meet the school’s fundraising goal?