Last week, I made a delivery of some gorgeous photos to friend and client Maya. The framed prints looked so fantastic up on the walls that I wanted to share how the final results looked hanging in the home and a little bit of the process. Just as important as taking the pictures is deciding how to display them, but the idea of choosing the best photos and then figuring out what to do with them can be really overwhelming for many clients. That’s where the professional comes in! I offer this design service as part of every regular photo session so you won’t be left with uncertainty about the best way to show off your pictures.

THE PLAN: Maya and her family recently moved to a new house with a ton of wall space and many potential spots for hanging her family portraits. A few weeks earlier we had a consultation to plan how and where and at what sizes the photos of her daughters would be displayed. We met at her home and she showed me some of the areas she was considering. We finally decided to focus on the large open family room adjacent to the kitchen, an place where the family spends most of their time and would be able to enjoy seeing the pictures every day. I took some photos of the walls, made suggestions, and superimposed various arrangements of the framed prints on the images to see how it would all look taking all the guesswork out of the design process. Here’s the mock-up of the final plan we came up with:

photo wall display


THE RESULT: A simple, elegant, high-impact display that is both warm and personal – perfect for a family room. The previous owners had installed and left behind an ingenious system throughout the whole house with tracks along the top of almost every wall from which wires with hooks can be affixed at any position to hang artwork without any hammer or nails. Straight out of the box, the framed prints were ready to hang so within minutes we were able to get them up on the wall. No fuss, no muss. It looks exactly as amazing as we expected it to look! You almost can’t tell which is computer-generated and which is the real deal.

photo wall display in home