Tindale Baby Portraits: Grace Turns One!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that baby Grace Tindale and I have been working together for the past year. Well, mostly I’ve been doing the working and she’s been simply looking adorable. This most recent baby portrait shoot was the last of three sessions chronicling Grace’s first year of life.

Grace’s parents, Christina and Greg Tindale, have been our family friends for many years and when Christina told me she wanted to do something special with Grace’s baby portraits, I was thrilled to lend my camera to the cause. Any new mom will tell you, that the firstborn baby’s first year of life goes by in lightning speed (with the exception of the sleepless nights – which drag on endlessly). Not only does time reach uncanny velocities, but new parents are so overstimulated by jobs, responsibilities, love, fear, and everything in between, that it can be hard to soak up the special moments and engrain them in their memories. That is where baby portraits come in so handy. In order to document the year, we decided to hold baby portrait shoots at the 4, 8, and 12-month marks.

Tindale Baby Portraits: Grace Turns One!

The original plan was to schedule the final shoot as close to Grace’s first birthday as possible, but with the Tindale family facing an impending move to a new home, we decided to wait until things were settled at the new house. However, their move was delayed and rather than letting any more time slip by, we opted for a new location altogether: the Georgetown Waterfront.

Tindale Baby Portraits: Grace Turns One!

The weather was slightly on the chilly side, but very beautiful. Spring buds were bursting and beautiful flowers dressed the Waterfront in color. Grace’s 4-month session was set at her first family home, for her 8-month milestone we shot at Bishop’s Garden at Washington National Cathedral, and we wrapped up the year at the waterfront. Looking back on the series of baby portrait sessions, it makes for a beautiful progression: from home to nature to a gentle urban scene. As Grace grows and – quite literally – finds her stride, the backdrop behind her also becomes more mature, more appropriate for a little young lady with the world at her feet!

Tindale Baby Portraits: Grace Turns One!

Speaking of which, photographing young children who are just learning how to walk is a bit like chasing a newborn puppy around the room. They are thrilled with the miracle of mobility and want to be on the go non-stop, gaining confidence and hutzpah with every step. It can be a challenge to catch them in a still moment and it certainly keeps me fast on my feet so that I can keep up.

Tindale Baby Portraits: Grace Turns One!

Through the lens of my camera I was able to see Grace go from a tiny baby, rolling around on her back and playing with her toes, to an audacious babbling toddler. Even with our 3-part baby portrait project, the year flew by and I’m sure that Christina and Greg would agree. Thankfully, Grace’s cuteness continues on and I’m sure there are many, many photo-worthy moments in her future.


Professional Washington DC Photographer Julie KubalAbout the Author:

Julie Kubal is a child and family portrait artist and photographer serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She is passionate about creating warm and meaningful artwork through modern portraits and lifestyle photography at a location of your choice!

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