Mea and Parrish were my fourth set of twins in just over a year, but my first set of newborn twins. I’ve always been impressed by the calm and collected nature of all the moms of multiples I’ve encountered thus far, but I now have even greater appreciation for the challenge of coordinating the care of two babies at this earliest stage of life. Hanging out with their mom Meg brought back memories of how frazzled I felt for weeks after the birth of my son, yet she seemed to have it all well in hand, with an air of tranquility that belied the situation.

When Meg called me to arrange the session, she shared with me that the photos would be a surprise for her husband’s 50th birthday. I didn’t know until I arrived at their home that he would actually be working downstairs throughout my entire visit, but had been given strict instructions to steer clear of the flurry of activity upstairs. I managed to come and go without him ever knowing I was there! I’m very excited to have been enlisted in the scheme and can’t wait to unveil the gift when the finished artwork is ready.

In honor of their arrival, Mothers Day, and dad’s 50th birthday, here are Parrish and Mea!